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Repair all kid of welding.

About Us

Ken Star® is about welding things that matter. We are providing welding supplies and equipment to meet crucial needs for factories, industries, and companies.

          We’re about the partnership and the work. Our products are designed with excellent quality, high potential in work capacity, and outstanding durability.

          Ken Star® maintains ours duty by setting the standard for reliability, quality, and responsiveness to customers. Moreover, every products of Ken Star® come with guarantees and provide trust and responsible in our services and care.

          We began with an innovation that responded to customer needs, growing from 2008, until now. Ken Star® keeps our responsibility to provide safe and high quality welding product to our top priority: You.

Who We Are

We are Ken Star®. We are here to help and provide high-quality welding products. With guaranteed service care, wholesales, and retailing, Ken Star® is well-known to most of every part in Cambodia.

          Our goal is to work together with customers to build a bigger, better, and brighter world.

Our Product

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  • Name:CO2 Gas-Shielded Flux-Cored Welding Wire
  • Weight:15kg
  • Diameter:1.2mm-1.6mm
  • Price:35$
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  • Title:Ken Star Cutting 100I
  • Industries Interests:Racing / Shipbuilding / Construction / Manufacturing / Home Habyist / Infrastructuring / Scuptures
  • Plasma Material Thickness:Mild Steel 15.9mm / Stainless Steel 12.7mm / Alumnum 9.5mm
  • Input Voltage:220V / 230V / 240V
  • Input Phase:Phase
  • Input Hz:60Hz
  • Net Weight:Kg
  • Net Diameter:m x m x m
  • Price:$

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  • Chea Samneang


    I am working on welding in Takmoa town for almost 20 years. And I have used welding products from Ken Star company. I have found that all their products are good qulity that make me success in my bu